How The Desert Terrain Level Was Designed:

Part 1: ” Reference”

This mod is of course based off the game “Need for speed: The Run” so it was made from real in game footage.  I developed the terrain slopes and elevation plus the width of the roads by drawing on paper in different layers and using many sheets and made the basic course track from video of the desert level being played. Below is the final schematic I used to paint on the terrain in CryEngine to use as a handy template.


Click on to see bigger image.

Part 2: ” Sculpting the terrain”

I developed the terrain using a mixture of a few different programs.  I used World Machine, Mudbox and Vue.

The first part was to get the basic elevation and I did that with mudbox.

After that I used World Machine to get the detail into the terrain by procedural terrain erosion.  Then Exported the map out and imported it into Vue where I made the texture.  When the texture was done I brought it back into mudbox for more painting and the exported and imported the final geometry and texture into CryEngine.  For this I used some online tutorials because I ran into problems getting the setup of the terrain into CryEngine.

Here is a list of a tutorial video that explains this part.

Here is a videos of mine that shows the steps in a similar project with the same 3D Terrain

Here is the final map of the terrain:


And here is a screenshot of it during production in Mudbox: